Where Would You Rather Invest? Exploring Premier Estates by Mirror Homes Investment Limited

  • 4 weeks ago

Choosing the right real estate investment is pivotal, as it determines your financial growth and lifestyle enhancement. Mirror Homes Investment Limited presents four exceptional estates, each offering unique opportunities and features. Let’s explore these estates and help you decide where you would rather invest.

1. Genesis Apartments

Introducing Genesis Apartments🔥🔥

Genesis Apartments epitomize high-tech sophistication and luxurious living. Located in the highly sought-after Chevron area of Lekki, Lagos, these units provide an affordable entry point for both first-time and seasoned investors, as well as a new address for discerning home seekers.


  • 11 Units of Two-Bedroom Apartments and Penthouse options
  • Suspended (Roof Top) Swimming Pool
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • CCTV Coverage and Surveillance
  • Gym
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Secure Gated Estate
  • Excellent Road Network Access


  • Two-Bedroom Apartment: ₦75,000,000
  • Three-Bedroom Apartment: ₦85,000,000
  • Flexible payment plans available

Genesis Apartments offer substantial annual rental returns and passive Airbnb income, making them an ideal choice for investors seeking high returns in a prestigious location.

2. Dominion City Phase 1

Introducing Dominion City Phase 1

Dominion City Phase 1 is strategically located less than 5 minutes from Epe T-Junction, directly facing Isimi Lagos and the Epe-Ikorodu Expressway. This express land offers excellent connectivity and high potential for value appreciation.

Location: Ijako Town, Epe


  • Alaro City
  • Epe Resort and Spa
  • Opposite Isimi Lagos
  • Atlantic Hall School
  • Epe Roundabout
  • Lagos State Emergency & Security Regional Dispatch Centre

Title: Freehold and Registered Survey || Land Certificate

Available Sizes and Prices:

  • 500SQMS: ₦15,000,000
  • 1000SQMS: ₦29,000,000
  • Initial Deposit: ₦5,000,000

Limited plots are available, making this a prime opportunity for early investors.

3. Vacation City

Introducing Vacation City by Mirror Homes Investment Limited

Located in the serene environment of Ilara, Epe, Vacation City is a land banking investment option offering a healthy, comfortable, and fun-filled lifestyle. This well-gated community is perfect for exploration, relaxation, and family bonding.

Special Features:

  • Mini Football Pitch
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Basketball Court
  • Lawn Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Cinema

Location: Ilara, Epe (Adjacent Augustine University)

Land Topography: 100% Dry Land

Available Sizes and Pre-Launch Prices:

  • 300SQMS: ₦1,200,000
  • 500SQMS: ₦2,000,000
  • 1000SQMS: ₦3,800,000 (Buy 6, Get 1 Free)


  • Adjacent Augustine University
  • Igbonla Model College
  • Alaro City
  • Ontario Fast Food
  • Epe Resort and Spa
  • Dominion City Phase One
  • Isimi Lagos

Vacation City promises a colorful place to live and play, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a vibrant and comfortable community.

4. Graced Gardens

Introducing Graced Gardens Estate, Temu, Epe

Graced Gardens is a value-filled, buy-and-build investment property located in the rapidly growing area of Temu, Epe. This estate offers a mix of location, infrastructure, and sophisticated developments.

Location: Temu, Epe – Lagos State

Title: C of O in View

Major Landmarks:

  • Lekki Epe International Airport
  • Epe Resort and Spa
  • Epe T-Junction
  • Dominion City Phase 1
  • Ontario Food Place
  • Isimi Lagos
  • Alaro City

Graced Gardens is positioned behind the popular Epe Resort and Spa, just before Dominion Phase 1 and ISIMI Lagos. It’s a must-have property for investors looking to amass wealth through property acquisition and ownership.


Each estate by Mirror Homes Investment Limited offers unique advantages:

  • Genesis Apartments: Ideal for luxury living and high rental returns in a prestigious location.
  • Dominion City Phase 1: Offers strategic connectivity and significant appreciation potential.
  • Vacation City: Perfect for those seeking a vibrant, community-oriented lifestyle with diverse amenities.
  • Graced Gardens: A value-filled investment in a rapidly developing area with excellent infrastructure.

Where would you rather invest? Consider your investment goals, desired lifestyle, and the specific features of each estate to make an informed decision. Whether it’s the luxury of Genesis Apartments, the strategic location of Dominion City Phase 1, the vibrant community of Vacation City, or the growth potential of Graced Gardens, Mirror Homes Investment Limited has the perfect option for you.

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